HQS visa in Russia for foreign citizens

Obtaining a work permit and HQS visa for highly qualified foreign specialists

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Despite the fact that a large number of specialists work in Russia, many companies, and especially foreign companies doing business in Russia, still have to resort to the help of highly qualified specialists of foreign origin, since this is required by the specifics of a particular business.

What is an “HQS visa”?

An HQS visa in Russia is actually the status that a foreign citizen gets when obtaining a work permit and a  multiple-entry work visa on the basis of a highly qualified specialist application and qualifying under this criteria.

A highly qualified specialist (HQS) is a foreign citizen who has work experience, skills or achievements in a certain field of activity and whose official salary, in most cases, is at least 167,000 rubles per month.

At the same time, the employer independently assesses the competence and qualification level of foreign citizens whom they wish to attract as highly qualified specialists.  To assess the qualifications of a foreign specialist, the employer can use the following documents:

Advantages of getting the Russian HQS visa

Obtaining a work permit for a foreign specialist can be carried out on behalf of a representative office or a branch of a foreign company in Russia.

The cost of our services

Request to the relevant Ministry

from 450 €

An application for a work permit for a an HQS in Russia

from 350 €

Preparation of documents for the migration service in Sakharovo for registration of a work permit as HQS

from 450 €

Preparation of a notice for the employment of a foreign citizen

from 150 €

Registration of an invitation for family members of the HQS

from 450 €

Selection of a medical insurance program

from 350 €

Registration of a company in the migration service

from 390 €

Preparation of Invitation letter and application for multi-entry visa

from 450 €

For how long is a work permit and HQS visa issued?

Who can recruit a HQS?

At the time of submitting an application for recruiting highly qualified specialists, the recruiting party must at least meet the following requirements:

Who cannot be recruited as a HQS in the Russian Federation?

Stages of obtaining a HQS visa

Stage 1: Preparation of an application to the relevant ministry for inclusion in the list of foreign citizens who are allowed to enter the Russian Federation. 

Stage 2: Preparation of documents for a work permit

To apply for a work permit the following will be necessary:

1. A petition (in three copies)

2. An employment contract with a foreigner signed on both sides, stitched and numbered. The following aspects must be specified in the employment contract:

3. A letter of guarantee
4. Notification on the conclusion of the contract.
5. A notarized copy of the certificate of accreditation with the Tax Authority of the Russian Federation.
6. A notarized copy of the TIN certificate.
7. Notarized information sheet.
8. A notarized copy of the certificate of state registration of the parent organization.
9. A notarized copy of the Regulations on the representative office of a foreign organization.
10. A notarized copy of the Power of Attorney issued to the head of the representative office of a foreign organization.
11. Color matte photo size 3×4;
12. Payment order for payment of state duty in the amount of 3,500 rubles. It must be made from the account of the company that recruits the HQS.
13. A power of attorney for the delivery of documents in triplicate, if the documents are submitted by a proxy.
14. A copy of the passport with translation notarized.
15. Voluntary medical insurance issued for 3 years.

Stage 3: Submission of documents to the “Sakharovo Migration Center”

The term of consideration of a petition for recruiting a highly qualified specialist is no more than fourteen working days from the date of its receipt by the federal executive authority in the field of internal affairs or its authorized territorial body.

An authorized person has the right to submit documents on the basis of a power of attorney.

Stage 4: Obtaining a work permit at the “Sakharovo Migration Center”

Only a personal visit of a highly qualified specialist is required. He needs to bring:

  • passport,
  • migration card,
  • document on registration at the place of residence.
  • A work permit for a highly qualified specialist is issued for the duration of an employment contract concluded by him or a civil contract for the performance of works (provision of services), but not for more than three years.

    The specified period of validity of a work permit may be repeatedly extended for the duration of an employment contract or a civil contract for the performance of works (provision of services), but not for more than three years for each such extension.

    &nbspIf, in accordance with an employment contract or a civil law contract for the performance of works (provision of services), it is assumed that a highly qualified specialist will carry out labor activity on the territories of two or more subjects of the Russian Federation, this highly qualified specialist will be issued a work permit valid on the territories of these subjects of the Russian Federation.

    Stage 5: Registration of the company with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and issuing an invitation for a multiple-entry work visa.

    It is important to note that a multiple-entry work visa is obtained at the Embassy or Consulate of the country that you specify in the application.

    A highly qualified specialist should travel to the country indicated for obtaining a visa and prepare the documents for applying for a visa. 

    The invitation is issued within 14 working days, then you apply for a visa using it.  

    After obtaining a work visa, a highly qualified specialist enters the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Stage 6: Obtaining a multiple-entry visa for HQS`s family members

    For this you will need:

  • Documents confirming the relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate). They must be legalized, translated into Russian with notarization.
  • Copies of identity documents.
  • Copies of HQS`s documents.
  • To issue an invitation, you must contact the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. A visa for an accompanying family member is issued at a Russian consular institution abroad in the state of citizenship, on the basis of an invitation received.

    The deadline for providing state services on the application for involvement submitted by the inviting party for issuing an invitation to a highly qualified specialist, as well as on the application submitted in respect of family members of a highly qualified specialist entering the territory of the Russian Federation together with him, is 14 working days.

    Obligations of employers who hire highly qualified foreign specialists

    In order to avoid abuse by employers of the procedure for attracting HQSs, the state has established for them the obligation to notify the Migration Service about the payment of HQS`s wages.

    HQS`s employers must submit quarterly notifications to the Migration Department of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (hereinafter referred to as the Internal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) during the month following the last quarter (reporting period.

    Important! Administrative responsibility may be imposed for failure to submit a notification or missing the deadline for submitting a notification. The amount of fine in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is:

  • for company officials – from 35,000 to 70,000 rubles,
  • for legal entities – from 400,000 to 1,000,000 rubles.
  • A fine may be imposed for each notification that was not submitted.

    If a company often uses the labor of foreigners, it may be denied registration of foreign workers in connection with unsolicited notifications.

    The notification form is established by Appendix No. 7 to the Order of the Federal Migration Service of Russia No. 149 dated 12.03.2015. This means that the notification can only be submitted on this approved form.

    Important: Failure to comply with the notification form is equivalent to failure to submit the notification, which entails the imposition of an administrative fine.

    Information to specify in the notification:

  • the name of the authority on migration, in which it is presented
  • information on legal entity (legal form, economic activity, name, information on state registration and tax registration, address, location) 
  • information about the foreign worker (name, state and city of birth, date of birth, passport number, address of registration and date and the details of the work permit) 
  • the date of conclusion of the employment contract with the employee 
  • monthly payments for each month of the last quarter
  • position and full name of the person who signed the notification on behalf of the company
  • personal data of the person who will submit the notification
  • The notification can be signed by the company’s management person. For example, a director, chief accountant or head of the personnel department (if there is a power of attorney from the head of the company).

    The notification may be submitted by any person by proxy. This can be either an employee of the company or a proxy (for example, an employee of a company providing migration services).

    Important! If the HQS did not work due to illness, or was on vacation without pay, or for other reasons did not receive wages or did not receive them in full, the employer is still obliged to pay him a salary for the quarter equal to the amount of three months’ income of the HQS.

    It is allowed to pay wages less than the established amount if a highly qualified specialist has started working not since the beginning of the month.

    The notification of the HQS about the salary of the HQS is submitted to the department of external labor migration that issued the HQS`s work permit.

  • For Moscow: The Migration Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow, 
  • For the Moscow Region – the Migration Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region.
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